Happy Wives Club by Fawn Weaver

Ages 18+


Fawn Weaver is a woman on a mission. In this memoir, she sets out to travel around the world in order to find women like herself; women who live in happy marriages. She comes to the realization that not all marriages end in divorce, and decides to get some answers. She gets in contact with people on six continents in twelve countries, and interviews them in order to come up with a list of “secrets to a great marriage.” Weaver meets friends all over the globe, and readers get an insight into what makes marriages last.

8 thoughts on “Happy Wives Club by Fawn Weaver”

      1. Okay, I basically wanted to know what is taught in it, I checked google and there were topics which I didn’t understand


      2. You learn how to do reader’s advisory (recommending books) and how to do collection development (deciding which books to buy for your library) and cataloging (categorizing and organizing books)

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      3. oooh okay.. That must be pretty cool!
        Something like a pharmacist’s degree, recommend drugs, catalog them and stuff!
        Plus you get to read books and be paid for it! ( a pharmacist cant take the drugs neither be paid for taking those drugs though :p)


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