Humor, Middle Grade Fiction

Jacky Ha-Ha by James Patterson and Chris Grabenstein

Grades 3-5Jacky-Ha-Ha-

Jacky is a funny girl who has a stutter and loves to make kids laugh. Because she’s always making jokes during class, she accumulates a lot of detention time. Then Ms. O’Mara makes Jacky an offer. She can join the school play and attend rehearsals instead of sitting in detention every day after school. But can Jacky get her stutter under control to feel confident enough to act in the play? Read Jacky Ha-Ha by James Patterson and Chris Grabenstein to find out.

Adventure, Middle Grade Fiction

Jeremy Fink and the Meaning of Life by Wendy Mass

Grades 4-6jeremy fink

On his thirteenth birthday, Jeremy Fink receives a box with the words “The meaning of life.” He and his best friend Lizzy can’t wait to open it, but there’s one problem: the box is locked and the key is missing. Read Jeremy Fink and the Meaning of Life to follow Jeremy’s and Lizzy’s adventure around Manhattan to find the key.

Middle Grade Fiction

The Bubble Wrap Boy by Phil Earle

Grades 4-6bubble wrap

Told from the point of view of Charlie Han, The Bubble Wrap Boy is a story of friendship and family. Charlie has always felt like an outsider who is a little bit geeky and doesn’t have many friends. Then Charlie discovers skateboarding and his whole world changes. He finally feels like he fits in somewhere. Kids will identify with Charlie as someone who has found his passion.

Middle Grade Fiction

The Meaning of Maggie by Megan Jean Sovern

Grades 4-6

meaning of maggieEleven-year-old Maggie Mayfield is excited about life. Besides being a science fair champion and a shareholder in Coca-Cola, she has aspirations of being a future president of the United States. Things change for Maggie when her dad calls a family meeting and tells everyone that he is quitting his job because of his health. Maggie is determined to help her dad with whatever he needs so that he can get back on his feet and feel better as soon as possible.

Middle Grade Fiction

The Whole Story of Half a Girl by Veera Hiranandani

Grades 4-6

whole storySonia Nadhamuni is half Indian and half Jewish. She goes to a private school. That is, she used to go to a private school until her dad lost his job. Now she has to go to the local public school and leave her old friends behind. Switching schools has made Sonia question her identity; she fit in so well at her old school. Was she Indian? Was she white? Both? Half and half? Self-identity is a journey for all of us. Read The Whole Story of Half a Girl to learn how Sonia figures out who she is.

Adventure, Middle Grade Fiction

The Secret Tree by Natalie Standiford

Grades 4-6secret tree

Minty’s neighborhood is filled with mysteries, the biggest one of which is the Secret Tree. There are also the witch house, the old farmhouse and the seven-foot tall Man Bat. The Secret Tree is literally filled with the secrets of everyone that lives in the neighborhood, including Minty’s. Read The Secret Tree to find out which secrets Minty is hiding.

Middle Grade Fiction, Tear Jerkers

The Last Best Days of Summer by Valerie Hobbs

Grades 4-6

last best days

Twelve-year-old Lucy loves spending the end of every summer with her grandma, who she affectionately calls Grams.  Lucy goes canoeing. She and Grams bake together and glaze pots in the potting shed. This summer, however, Lucy can tell something is off with Grams. There are a lot of surprises for Lucy as her summer comes to an end. She can’t help but wonder if things will ever be the same again.