Romance, YA Fiction

Starry Night by Isabel Gillies

starry night

Grades 9-12

Starry Night by Isabel Gillies is a book about friendship, love, and life lessons. The main character, Wren, is attending a black tie event at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, where her father curated a major exhibit. Then she meets a new friend of her brother Oliver’s. That friend’s name is Nolan. Wren finds herself in love with Nolan, and everything changes for her.

Of course, everything changes. That’s what love does to a person, especially a teenage person, like herself. Wren’s life is consumed by Nolan, her art, her schoolwork, and her three best friends, Farah, Vati and Reagan.

Wren has a chance to go to a specialized art program in France, and her whole future seems to be riding on her submission of the application. Does she follow her dream? Or follow her heart? Read Starry Night by Isabel Gillies and find out.

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