ARC Reviews, Mystery, YA Fiction

The Girl I Used To Be by April Henry

Grades 9-12

Olivia Reinhardt is in her teens, but has been emancipated. Fourteen years ago, she was Ariel Benson, a three year old girl whose father killed her mother and then dropped her off at the nearest Walmart and disappeared from her life forever. Now, as Olivia Reinhardt, she learns the bitter truth about what really happened when the police show up at her door unexpectedly. They tell her that her father was actually murdered by the same person as her mother, and that person was most likely the one who dropped her off at Walmart that fateful day. Upon learning this, Olivia heads to Medford, where the heinous crimes were committed, in order to find out who the killer really is. She keeps her new name, so that everyone who knew her parents won’t figure out who she is. Will she find the man (or woman) she came to find? And if she does, what will she do if she comes face to face with her parents’ killer?

Thanks to for a review copy of this book.

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