The Pregnancy Project by Gaby Rodriguez

Grades 9-12


Gaby Rodriguez comes from a large Latino family. Her mother and her sisters all got pregnant as teens, and she has 31 nieces and nephews in total. People in Gaby’s life expected her to follow “the family tradition,” and become pregnant too.

Each graduating student has to do a senior project, and, during her sophomore year, Gaby already knows what hers will be: faking a pregnancy. She wants to do an experiment to see how people will treat her when they find out she’s pregnant—her family, her teachers, her peers. First she has to get it approved by the principal and members of the school board. Will she be able to pull it off? Read this intriguing memoir and find out!

1 thought on “The Pregnancy Project by Gaby Rodriguez”

  1. Watching the movie about her right now…
    Unreal how teacher would let someone fake a life. She got rich of it though, books, lifetime movies etc…
    Unreal though. Doesn’t seem right.


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