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First Comes Love by Emily Giffin

Ages 18+emily giffin

Josie and Meredith Garland are a pair of sisters who were close growing up, and now, fifteen years later, have taken different paths. Josie is a first grade teacher who is single and is about to swear off dating for good. What she really wants is to be a mother, and her plan is to find a sperm donor. Meredith is a successful lawyer who’s married with a beautiful four-year-old daughter. The two sisters must face the issues that divide them, as well as the choices they have made.

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The Girl I Used To Be by April Henry

Grades 9-12

Olivia Reinhardt is in her teens, but has been emancipated. Fourteen years ago, she was Ariel Benson, a three year old girl whose father killed her mother and then dropped her off at the nearest Walmart and disappeared from her life forever. Now, as Olivia Reinhardt, she learns the bitter truth about what really happened when the police show up at her door unexpectedly. They tell her that her father was actually murdered by the same person as her mother, and that person was most likely the one who dropped her off at Walmart that fateful day. Upon learning this, Olivia heads to Medford, where the heinous crimes were committed, in order to find out who the killer really is. She keeps her new name, so that everyone who knew her parents won’t figure out who she is. Will she find the man (or woman) she came to find? And if she does, what will she do if she comes face to face with her parents’ killer?

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Write This Down by Claudia Mills

Grades 6-8

write this down

Twelve-year-old Autumn loves to write. So much so, that it is her dream to be published, and she doesn’t want to wait even a few years! She has a moleskine notebook that she writes everything in – poems, stories, journal entries, and whatever else is on her mind. She especially loves to write about (and to) her crush, Cameron, a boy in her journalism class. Autumn’s older brother Hunter is friends with Cameron’s older brother, and Hunter finds Autumn’s notebook and shares it with him. Autumn is mortified. How will she ever face Cameron again? Then she gets an assignment to write a “personal essay” for her journalism class. She decides to write it about her rocky relationship with Hunter. Then, to get back at him, she decides she wants to publish it, too. She enters it into a contest. If she wins, she has the chance for it to be published. But is she willing to risk spilling all of her family’s secrets to be published?

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Some Women by Emily Liebert

Ages 18+


On the surface, this novel is about three women who seemingly have nothing in common: Annabel, whose husband left her after he cheated, Piper, who is a single mother to a young daughter, and Mackenzie, who is married to a rich heir of a media conglomerate. However, each of the three women’s lives are meshed together as they form unlikely friendships and lean on each other in order to get through what life has thrown at them.

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You Are Here by Jennifer E. Smith

Grades 9-12

you are

Emma Healy absolutely knew there was something in her life was missing. She finds out what that something, or rather, someone is when she finds a birth certificate with the name of her twin brother, and a death certificate for him two days later. Suddenly she realized why she’s felt so empty all her life. She and her neighbor Peter embark on a trip to find her brother’s grave, and when they do, learn more about each other and become closer than ever before.

Mystery, YA Fiction

No Such Person by Caroline B. Cooney

Grades 9-12no such

From the author of The Face on the Milk Carton comes a mystery that readers will rip through. Miranda and Lander Allerdon are sisters who do what every girl does: fight with her sister. They are spending their summer in the family vacation home on the Connecticut River, and their sibling rivalry is taken to another level when they become involved in a tragedy that affects the entire town. Will Miranda and Lander be able to move on with their lives?

Horror/Thriller, YA Fiction

Reconstructing Amelia by Kimberly McCreight

Grades 9-12

Kate Baron is devastated and confused when she finds out that her daughter, Amelia, is dead. She had gotten a phone call from the school to come pick her up because she was being suspended for three days. The woman on the phone wouldn’t tell her why, though. Kate couldn’t understand why Amelia was being suspended, since she had never gotten in trouble before. When she got to the school, Kate found out that Amelia had jumped off the school’s roof and died. Why would she do that? And did she really jump or was she pushed? Follow Kate’s journey to find out what really happened to Amelia through her emails, posts and text messages and instant messages with her closest friends.

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The Flip Side by Shawn Johnson

Grades 9-12

book cover

From Olympic gymnast Shawn Johnson comes a debut YA novel that everyone will enjoy. Charlotte, or Charlie, as she is known to family and friends, has a secret. She is training to win the gold in the Olympics. She spends all her time outside of school being the best gymnast she can be, until a certain someone throws her goal off – a guy who’s caught her eye. Can she balance her love life and her gymnastics career? Read The Flip Side by Shawn Johnson to find out.

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In The Country We Love: My Family Divided by Diane Guererro

Ages 18+
From Diane Guererro comes a memoir everyone should read. In it, she discusses her melancholy adolescence when her loving parents and brother were taken away from her by immigration while she was at school one day. It also speaks to the strong woman she became because of it. Best known for her role as Maritza Ramos in the Netflix series Orange is the New Black, Guererro shines in this debut memoir. Latinos and non-Latinos alike will appreciate the honesty and poignancy that this book brings, especially shedding light on the system that fails immigrants and their children on a daily basis.

In The Country We Love: My Family Divided is a 2017 Alex Award winner.


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Criminal Utopia: Fear the Hacker by J. Arthur Squiers

Ages 18+


Criminal Utopia: Fear the Hacker was gripping from beginning to end. Jim and Emily are in love and engaged to be married. Jim loves to run, especially marathons, and Emily is always there to cheer him on. Until Jim finds out that he has a stalker: a cyber genius who won’t leave him or Emily alone. Read this fast-paced suspense novel for a thrilling ride!

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