Adult Fiction, Mystery, Series

Dishonorable Intentions by Stuart Woods

Ages 18+


The 38th book in the Stone Barrington series, Dishonorable Intentions is a fun and quick read. In this installment of the series, Stone Barrington is involved with a woman named Gala Wilde. She’s great, but unfortunately she was involved with a man who she has unfinished business with she can’t quite shake. On top of all that, the book has a surprise ending! Definitely worth reading.

1 thought on “Dishonorable Intentions by Stuart Woods”

  1. This is first Novel I’m reading of Stuart Wood’s,and even tho I I’m jumping into the I end of his serious of Stone Barrington,I’m enjoying the book. I just need a to know Exactly who is the character “Gala”?In his most recent book “Dishonorable Intentions? How did Stone Barrington meet her”?The book starts with him flying into Santa Fe airport,and Gala is waiting for him! Who is she? Like I said,this is first book ive started reading in this series,and need a quick update on characters.!Author doesn’t review Characters in beginning of book,and therefore leaves readers(like myself) confused as to there roles! Please someone get back to me asap. As I’m reading novel,just confused what roles Character “Gala” is portraying! Please an Thank you!


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