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Where the Water Meets the Sand by Tyra Manning

Ages 18+

water sand

Tyra Manning tells her heartbreaking story of love and loss in Where the Water Meets the Sand. Tyra’s husband Larry is deployed in the Vietnam War, when their daughter Laura is just two years old. Then Tyra voluntarily admits herself into the hospital to get help with her addictions and depression. It is hard for her to be away from her daughter, especially when her husband is away as well, but it is something she feels she needs to do. Tyra holds onto the hope that she and Larry will meet during his R&R period, “where the water meets the sand.” Then, Tyra’s doctor tells her that Larry has died in action. Now she has to finish her hospital stay and be released to take care of Laura as a single parent. How will she handle all this without Larry?

Thanks to for a review copy of this book.

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