Adult Fiction, Horror/Thriller

A Tap On the Window by Linwood Barclay

Ages 14+

a tap on the window

Cal Weaver is in his car on a rainy night when a young girl taps on his window, asking for a ride home. He is about to ignore her when he realizes that she is one of his son’s classmates. He isn’t prepared for what is about to happen next, however. She asks him to pull into a nearby restaurant so she can throw up, sick from too much underage drinking. When she comes back, however, Cal realizes that it isn’t her, but a girl that has switched places with her. Now he has gone from a guy who was trying to get a girl home safely to a suspect in the case of a missing girl.

Middle Grade Fiction, Mystery

Under the Egg by Laura Marx Fitzgerald

Grades 4-6


Theodora Tenpenny discovers a painting that is a Renaissance masterpiece when she spills a bottle of rubbing alcohol on her late grandfather’s painting. She knows that her grandfather worked in the Metropolitan Museum of Art and fears the painting may be stolen. She is on a mission to find out how the painting ended up there, and embarks on an adventure with some friends of hers. Will she be able to solve the mystery?

Middle Grade Fiction

All Four Stars by Tara Dairman

Grades 3-5


Gladys Gatsby is in 6th grade, and has been cooking since she was 7. It’s a passion of hers that her parents have no idea about. Then she accidentally starts a small fire after cooking creme brulee, and is banned from the kitchen. She is devastated. She decides to pay her parents back for the damage she did. She starts writing fake reviews on fake restaurants (she pretends that her parents and her friend’s parents own restaurants). She is mistakenly offered a real job, working for a real newspaper using her fake reviews. Read All Four Stars to find out how Gladys works her way out of this mess!

Historical Fiction, Middle Grade Fiction

When Audrey Met Alice by Rebecca Behrens

Grades 3-6


Audrey Rhodes lives at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. That’s right, she lives in the White House, and her dad is the president. That makes her the First Daughter. She’s all set to have a party on Friday night, when it gets cancelled because of a security breach. She is very upset and goes to her room to sulk forever, when she finds the diary of Alice Roosevelt, a former first daughter who lived in that very room! Armed with new information about how to deal with life as a tween, Audrey’s spirits lift as she immerses herself in the past.