Unslut by Emily Lindin

Ages 14+

This intense, eye-opening memoir chronicles Emily Lindin’s life as a middle schooler and peer-labeled “slut.” The book is made up of diary entries of Lindin’s middle school years, and footnotes that the adult Emily Lindin has added to examine the craziness of her relationships with her friends, enemies and various crushes and boyfriends. The purpose of the memoir is to shed light on how crazy kids’ lives can be, and what we as adults can do to help them. She includes entries that talk about kids ages eleven to thirteen drinking, engaging in sexual behavior and acting nasty towards each other, like it’s no big deal at all. The Unslut Project began as a blog, but when women started sharing their own stories, and took it a step further, and published the memoir in hopes that it would shed light on the sexual bullying of girls and women.

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