Adult Fiction, Romance

The Happy Hour Choir by Sally Kilpatrick

Ages 18+


Beulah Land’s life hasn’t been easy: the daughter of a Baptist deacon, she was estranged from her family after her teenage pregnancy. Luckily, she was taken in by a lovely woman named Ginger. Now Beulah spends her nights playing piano at The Fountain, a local bar. When Ginger finds out she’s dying of cancer, it is her final wish that Beulah take over playing piano for the County Line Church. She doesn’t hit it off with the church’s pastor, Luke Daniels, and on top of that the choir members aren’t too keen on the non-traditional music she chooses for them to perform. Beulah begins to think things won’t ever go right when she starts to fall for Luke, and he shows her that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

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