Adult Fiction, Romance

The Mistress by Danielle Steel

Ages 18+


Natasha was living on the streets of Moscow before Vladimir Stanislas, a Russian billionaire, discovers her and takes her in. Her role is to keep him happy and blend in while he is off gallivanting and taking care of shady business.

Theo Luca’s mother Maylis was widowed when her husband Lorenzo died and left her and Theo with artwork worth a fortune that they can’t part with. Maylis transformed their home into a restaurant and decorated it with the paintings. Then Theo sees Natasha at the restaurant and can’t take his eyes off her. That same night, Vladimir discovers Lorenzo’s artwork and is immediately obsessed.

Theo can’t stop thinking about Natasha and begins to paint her from memory night after night. Vladimir becomes angry when he realizes that the paintings of her aren’t for sale, and insists that he will purchase them for any price. Theo and Natasha long to be together, but Natasha doesn’t want to risk her safety as Vladimir’s mistress.

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