LGBTQ+, Memoirs

Raising Ryland: Our Story of Parenting a Transgender Child With No Strings Attached by Hillary Wittington

Ages 16+


In the early years of Ryland’s life, Hillary and Jeff Wittington had to accept the fact that their daughter was deaf and would have to learn sign language in order to communicate with others. Once they got a handle on how to help Ryland acclimate to what would be her daily life, Hillary realized that Ryland wasn’t only different because she was deaf, but also because she was transgender. They knew it wouldn’t be easy because people aren’t always accepting of people who don’t fit “the norm,” but they did know that they would be supportive of their transgender child in the difficult journey.

Award/Honor Books, Picture Books

Leave Me Alone! by Vera Brosgol

Grades K-2

A grandmother who lives with her very big family yearns to be left alone to finish her knitting. She is determined to find a quiet space all to herself so she can get her work done. Unbeknownst to her family, she slips out one day and begins her quest to find a quiet place. Along the way, she meets bears, goats and even aliens, but nothing will stop her from her ultimate goal: knitting warm sweaters for her grandkids.


American Dreamer: My Life in Fashion and Business by Tommy Hilfiger

Ages 18+american-dreamer
Tommy Hilfiger’s memoir, American Dreamer, chronicles his life growing up as well as his journey to becoming a fashion designer with his own brand. Hilfiger lived on a tight budget with his parents and 8 siblings. Although he had a hard relationship with his father, Hilfiger was able to move forward from the unhealthy relationship and make quite a name and a life for himself. Hilfiger married and has 5 children of his own.


Rome Sweet Home: Our Journey to Catholicism by Scott and Kimberly Hahn

Ages 18+


Scott and Kimberly Hahn are a married couple who met in seminary and converted from Presbyterianism to Catholicism. As a practicing Catholic, it was interesting to read about a book on this subject from a non-Catholic’s point of view. Scott Hahn considered himself anti-Catholic before he converted to Catholicism, and his wife Kimberly was so against becoming a Catholic that she kept calling their marriage a “split marriage” as if they practiced two completely different religions after Scott converted. However, both Scott and Kimberly converted, and this memoir tells about their journey in doing so.

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Meatless?: A Fresh Look At What You Eat by Sarah Elton

Grades 3-6


This is a great book for kids about vegetarianism! It speaks to the kids who might not be vegetarians, but are thinking about it, as well as vegans and pescatarians. I thought it explains why abstaining from eating meat is good for your health as well as the environment. It even explains why some religions don’t eat certain meats, or prepare it a certain way. This is a great one for any collection!

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Talking As Fast As I Can: From Gilmore Girls to Gilmore Girls and Everything In Between by Lauren Graham

Ages 18+


Lauren Graham is known for playing Lorelai Gilmore on the ever popular show The Gilmore Girls. In her memoir, she shares stories of her life in Hollywood. She tells about her experience starring in Gilmore Girls, and what it was like to go back to the same role so many years later. She includes photos as well as excerpts of the diary she kept during the recent filming of the show, which she entitled “Gilmore Girls: A Year In the Life.”


Animals, Middle Grade Fiction

Middle School: Dog’s Best Friend by James Patterson and Chris Tebbets

Grades 3-6

middle school.jpg

Middle schooler Rafe Khatchadorian decides to start a dog walking business when he sees his grandmother on the free-meal line at the local soup kitchen. Soon he is walking dogs for many of his neighbors and is bringing in a lot of cash for his family. Everything is going great until he realizes that he has competition: two twins start to vandalize his flyers and steal his customers. Rafe has to hatch a plan to keep his business afloat while avoiding his kid sister Georgia who he is sure is out to make his life a living nightmare.