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The Black Witch by Laurie Forest

Grades 9-12


Carnissa Gardner is the last prophesied black witch, and there is evil on the horizon. Her granddaughter Elloren hopes to fight this evil, but there’s just one problem: she has no power in the magical society whatsoever. Elloren puts the evil out of her mind when she is given an opportunity to study to be an apothecary. She is excited to pursue her lifelong dream, but she soon realizes that evil has followed her to the university and life as a student there won’t be as easy as she thought.

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North of Happy by Adi Alsaid

Grades 9-12


Carlos Portillo is a duel citizen of the United States and Mexico who comes from a wealthy family and lives a sheltered life. Then, his older brother Felix is tragically killed, and Carlos begins hearing messages from him. The messages tell Carlos to rebel against his father and divert from his best laid plans. Carlos heeds his brother’s warning and runs away to the U.S. where he gets a job with his favorite celebrity chef. It feels like the right fit for him, and he begins to pursue his dream. Filled with delicious recipes throughout the bok, foodies will eat this one up!

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Dragonwatch: A Fablehaven Adventure by Brandon Mull

Grades 3-6


In this first installment of the sequel series to Fablehaven, the dragons no longer feel safe as they once did. Their king, Celebrant the Just is plotting revenge to bring the dragons back to safety. This book is filled with familiar characters, adventure and a journey that Fablehaven fans won’t soon forget.

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A Month of Mondays by Joelle Anthony

Grades 4-6


Suze Tamaki hasn’t seen her biological mother in 10 years, and suddenly she wants to be back in her life. Suze lives with her father and older sister, and is being raised with the help of her aunt Jenny, also known as AJ. Suze’s sister Tracie is determined not to let her become close to their mother who abandoned them all those years ago. As if dealing with all this isn’t enough, Suze’s English teacher wants her to try harder in his class, and has just given her an extra assignment. Will she be able to handle it all?

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The Chamberlain Key: Unlocking the God Code to Reveal Hidden Messages Hidden in the Bible by Timothy P. Smith

Ages 18+


The Chamberlain Key is one man’s journey to work through the encrypted messages in the Bible’s Book of Genesis and back it up with scientific evidence. Timothy P. Smith isn’t a theologian, but a dream that he had one night led him on the quest. He also found that there are other encrypted codes in Genesis with messages from God. This book is a compelling ride for all to appreciate.

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Maybe Someday by Colleen Hoover


maybe.jpgGrades 9-12

Sydney has a great job and and even better boyfriend. Then she finds out that her boyfriend cheated on her with her best friend. Sydney is heartbroken, but then she meets Ridge and hopes that the friendship that forms between them will help ease the pain. The two of them begin writing songs together, and she starts to forget her ex, realizing that a little distance is just what she needed.

Series, YA Fiction

Denton Little’s Still Not Dead by Lance Rubin

dentonGrades 9-12

In this sequel to Denton Little’s Death Date, Denton must decide what he will do with his life, now that he didn’t die on prom night like he was supposed to. He is relieved to be alive, but he has to understand his new reality that he could die at anytime. For now, he ponders questions like whether or not he should kiss the girl his best friend has a crush on. The thing Denton is most worried about, though, is the fact that he’s being chased by the DIA (Death Investigation Agency) who forced him to leave his family, and are out to get him.