Romance, YA Fiction

Snowbirds by Crissa-Jean Chapelle

snowbirdsGrades 9-12

Every year, Alice goes to visit her best friend Lucy in Florida, and travels along with a throng of other Amish people to spend the winter in the south. This year is different, however, because Alice is in the middle of her Rumspringa, which is a period in every Amish young person’s life when they experience forbidden temptations and decide whether or not they will continue to adopt the Amish lifestyle. Lucy is part of a different sect, and struggles to keep up with Alice as she bounces around from party to party, living it up. Then one day, Alice vanishes, and Lucy blames herself for not keeping a closer watch on her friend instead of making out with the adorable Faron, who was shunned by his family and community. Will Lucy be able to find Alice before it’s too late?

Romance, YA Fiction

Even If the Sky Falls by Mia Garcia

Grades 9-12

sky falls

Julie’s life is a mess, so she heads to New Orleans with her youth group to rebuild houses and get her mind off of everything. The trip seems like more trouble than it’s worth, though, because she can’t escape her overbearing team leader and project participants. She decides to ditch it all, and heads to Mardi Gras, where she meets a cute guy named Miles. Together they explore New Orleans, and her life is looking better than ever. Suddenly a hurricane takes an unexpected turn for the worse, and Julie is once again facing turmoil. Will things ever change?

YA Fiction

Autofocus by Lauren Gibaldi

Grades 9-12


Maude’s senior project for her photography class is to do a portfolio that shows the meaning of family. This is a tough assignment for her, because her birth mother died when she was born. In order to find out the truth about her, Maude makes the trip to visit her best friend Treena, who dorms at college in Tallahassee, the same town that Maude’s mother once lived. However, Treena is busy with school, boys and her social life, and can’t find time to help her friend. Then she meets, Bennett, a cute boy who lives in Treena’s dorm, who agrees to help her in her search. She’s excited but nervous to find out what her mother’s past holds.

Adult Fiction, Tear Jerkers

The Secret Language of Sisters by Luanne Rice

Ages 18+

secret language of sisters

Roo’s life is changed forever when she responds to a text while driving. She is in a bad car accident and ends up paralyzed in the┬áhospital. To her family, she seems like she’s in a coma, but she has locked-in syndrome, which means that she can see, hear, and understand everything around her, but no one knows it. Roo’s sister Tilly is the one who sent that fateful text, and she now must deal with the guilt and consequences of her actions.

Romance, YA Fiction

In Case You Missed It by Sarah Darer Littman

Grades 9-12

in case you missed it

Seventeen-year-old Sammy Wallach plans to sneak to the city to see her favorite band in concert. She has been practicing for this since forever, and has everything under control. That is until the bank her father works for is hacked and everything is stolen from their family’s private cloud. Sammy’s entire digital life is out in the open! All the sensitive things she wrote about her friends get leaked, and now they’re out to get her. Plus, all the lies she told in order to sneak out to the concert get uncovered too. Will life ever be the same?

LGBTQ+, Romance, Series, YA Fiction

Honestly Ben by Bill Koningsberg

Grades 9-12

honestly ben

This is the long awaited sequel to Openly Straight! The book continues the story in Ben’s point of view, and he’s doing great. He is getting stellar grades in school, is the newly-elected captain of the baseball team, and he’s recently won a giant college scholarship. He tries to keep things the way they are, but he’s distracted by Hannah, a pretty girl he has a crush on, the pressure of schoolwork, and his mother, who seems to be unhappy a lot lately. Can Ben keep the momentum up or will it all come crashing down?

Adult Fiction, ARC Reviews

Sunbaked by Junie Coffey

Ages 18+


Nina Spark has just moved to Pineapple Cay, and things are going really well for her as she settles into her cottage on the beach. However, Barry Bassett, a local man, has his eye on her cottage and plans to tear it down so he can put up condos. Then Barry’s wife Tiffany goes missing, and Nina is the prime suspect. Nina has to figure out who is really behind the disappearance of Tiffany Bassett before she ultimately takes the blame!

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