Romance, YA Fiction

Snowbirds by Crissa-Jean Chapelle

snowbirdsGrades 9-12

Every year, Alice goes to visit her best friend Lucy in Florida, and travels along with a throng of other Amish people to spend the winter in the south. This year is different, however, because Alice is in the middle of her Rumspringa, which is a period in every Amish young person’s life when they experience forbidden temptations and decide whether or not they will continue to adopt the Amish lifestyle. Lucy is part of a different sect, and struggles to keep up with Alice as she bounces around from party to party, living it up. Then one day, Alice vanishes, and Lucy blames herself for not keeping a closer watch on her friend instead of making out with the adorable Faron, who was shunned by his family and community. Will Lucy be able to find Alice before it’s too late?

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