Romance, YA Fiction

Open Road Summer by Emery Lord

Grades 9-12

open road summer

Reagan O’Neill is a rebellious girl who has just broken up with her equally rebellious boyfriend. Luckily, her BFF Lilah, who also has a broken heart, is about to go on tour, and it’s the perfect opportunity for the two of them to get away and forget about boys for a while. However, when adorable Matt Finch joins Lilah on tour, Reagan realizes that staying away from boys will be harder than she thought. Will she give love another chance?

Historical Fiction, Independent Reading

Brave Like My Brother by Marc Tyler Nobleman

Grade 2

brave like my brother

It is 1942 during World War II. Joe is a soldier in the war, and he and his 10-year-old brother Charlie are writing letters to each other to keep in touch. Joe tells Charlie all about what it’s like to be a soldier, and Charlie knows that his brother is brave. However, when Joe is sent on a secret mission, Charlie learns just how brave his brother really is. Can Charlie be brave and fight his own bullies at home without his brother by his side? Read Brave Like My Brother by Marc Tyler Nobleman to find out.

Middle Grade Fiction

Confessions of a Closet Catholic by Sarah Darer Littman

Grades 3-6

closet catholic

Justine Silver is Jewish, and her best friend Mary Catherine McAllister, is Catholic. One day, Justine decides to become Catholic like Mary Catherine. Instead of giving up chocolate for Lent like her friend, Justine gives up being Jewish. She confesses all of her sins to Father Ted, the stuffed bear in her closet, which she has turned into a confessional. When Justine’s grandmother suffers a stroke, she begins to question her decision to give up her Jewish faith. What will she ultimately decide?