The Future of Us by Jay Asher & Carolyn Mackler

Grades 9-12

the future of us

Josh and Emma have been friends and neighbors their whole lives. Their lives change when they receive AOL CDs in the mail and load them onto their computers. From there, they’re able to log onto Facebook. The thing is, though, it’s currently 1996 and Facebook wasn’t invented until 2004. They suddenly realize that the decisions they make now will impact their lives in the future and are afraid of what they might change for the worse.


Home Sweet Motel by Chris Grabenstein

Grades 3-5

home sweet motel

P.T. Wilkie loves living in a motel! He eats ice cream by the pool all day long, has a snack machine in his living room, and he has a giant alligator as a pet. The only thing the motel doesn’t have, though, is customers. If there aren’t any customers, then it will have to be closed, and P.T. could lose his home for good! Will he be able to save it before everything he loves goes down the tubes?