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InvestiGators by John Patrick Green

Grades 2 – 5


This adorable graphic novel about two alligator friends who are detectives features Mango and Brash and not one but two cases to solve. Mango and Brash are going undercover, and won’t stop until they’ve cracked the case of the Chef Gustavo of bakery Batter Down, who has gone missing. They must also protect his secret recipes. Meanwhile, there was an explosion at the Science Factory that the InvestiGators have to figure out as well. Kids will love this team of alligator detectives and eat this book up!

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Swipe Right For Murder by Derek Millman

Grades 9 – 12


Aidan spends the night in a New York City hotel room, and then wakes up next to his dead date the next morning. He keeps getting messages on his phone from someone who calls him Mr. Preston, and he soon realizes that whoever is behind those messages believes he really is Mr. Preston and he’s gotten caught up in a case of mistaken identity mixed with being at the wrong place at the wrong time. If Aidan wants to make it out alive, he is told he must return an object everyone wants. Can he do it before it’s too late?

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The Book Charmer by Karen Hawkins

Ages 18+

The Book Charmer (Dove Pond, #1)

The Book Charmer is the first in a new series by Karen Hawkins about a girl named Sarah Dove who has special powers to hear the books that speak to her. She grows up to be the librarian in her small town of Dove Pond, where she meets a city transplant named Grace Wheeler, who wants nothing to do with the small town she’s found herself in. However, Grace could be just what Dove Pond needs to save the town. This book has beauty and magic that bibliophiles are sure to love!

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The Family Upstairs by Lisa Jewell

Ages 18+

Libby Jones became an orphan at 6 months old. Now, at 25, she learns she has just inherited a house through a trust. She is now on a mission to uncover the story of her birth parents. In London, childhood friends Lucy and Clemency are headed to the very same house to discover secrets of their own. Jewell’s latest novel will keep readers on their toes until the very end!

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Lock Every Door by Riley Sager

Ages 18+

Lock Every Door

Jules can’t believe her good luck when she finds a job “apartment sitting” at the Bartholomew and will get paid $4,000 a month for 3 months to do it. She is down on her luck and between jobs, so she jumps at the chance to interview for the position. She is so excited that she ignores big red flags that her best friend Chloe keeps warning her about, like the fact that she can’t leave the apartment at night, and she isn’t allowed any visitors. Then Jules meets Ingrid, a neighbor she becomes friendly with, who tells her the dark history of the Bartholomew. At first she tells herself she didn’t believe in ghost stories, but when Ingrid goes missing the next night, Jules is determined to find out what happened to Ingrid and rescue her.  Lock Every Door is a page turner you’re not going to want to put down until the last page.

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