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If I Never Met You by Mhairi McFarlane

Ages 18+

If I Never Met You

Laurie is devastated when her boyfriend of 18 years ends things. She feels utterly lost when she finds out he got another girl pregnant and is staying with her. When Laurie and her colleague Jamie Carter become stuck in an elevator together for hours, the two cook up a story to pretend to date – she is looking to start a rumor with a new man on the horizon and he needs a girlfriend to impress his bosses. It’s the perfect scenario and they turn to social media to make their story believable.

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Girls of Summer by Nancy Thayer

Ages 18+

Girls of Summer

Lisa Hudson is a divorcee with two adult children of her own named Juliet and Theo. The three of them all get love stories and romance ensues on Nantucket. Lisa is taken with her carpenter, Mack Whitney, despite the fact that she is ten years older than he. Juliet meets newcomer Ryder Hastings who is looking for a new adventure, and Theo falls for Mack’s daughter Beth, but will it work out for everyone involved?

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My Video Game Ate My Homework by Dustin Hansen

My Video Game Ate My HomeworkGrades 3 – 6

Dewey Jenkins is determined to get an A+ on his volcano science project so that he doesn’t have to go to summer school. In addition, he has a chance to win a virtual reality video game console. Everything is just fine until Dewey’s best friend Ferg gets a hold of the console and breaks it. Ferg asks Dewey to help him fix it, and suddenly the two friends find themselves inside of a video game with Dewey’s sister Beatrice and her friend Kat. Worst of all, Dewey’s science project is along for the ride. Can he and his friends rescue and volcano and get back before the science fair?

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Beach Read by Emily Henry

Ages 18+

Beach Read

January Andrews and Augustus Everett are writers who polar opposites. January writes romances with happily-ever-afters and Gus kills everyone off by the end. They also each have writers block and are searching for a way to combat it. Then one thing leads to another and they have a deal to write in each other’s style to squash the writer’s block once and for all. Can Gus write a juice romance novel and will January bring herself to write a bloodbath?

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The Wife Who Knew Too Much by Michele Campbell

Ages 18+

The Wife Who Knew Too Much

Tabitha Girard and Connor Ford dated when they were younger, and he broke her heart. To her, it meant more than just a summer fling. As it turns out, Connor married for money, but his heart always belonged to Tabitha. Years later, when Connor’s wife Nina takes her own life, Tabitha sets her sights on him again. She stops in her tracks, however, when she finds a diary written by Nina, who fears for her life: “If I die unexpectedly, blame Connor — and her.” Who is “her,” Tabitha wonders, and what secrets has Connor been hiding?

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What You Wish For by Katherine Center

Ages 18+

What You Wish For

Samantha Casey loves her job as the local elementary school librarian and is devastated when the school loses its principal. The replacement is Duncan Carpenter, a teacher Sam never thought she’d see again in her life. Sam had a major crush on Duncan back in the day, and she’s worried the feelings will come back with a vengeance for her new boss. Not only that, but Duncan is nothing like she remembers, and it seems he’s out to change their school for the worse.

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Rebel in the Library of Ever by Zeno Alexander

Grades 3 – 6

Rebel in the Library of Ever (The Library of Ever #2)

A year has passed since Lenora worked in the Library which houses every book ever known. The Library is now under new management, and Lenora is skeptical. She quickly learns her new mission to help a secret resistance free knowledge. In this adventure, she discovers an ancient city and mathematical beings as she tries to free the Library from the Board that is pulling the Library in the wrong direction.

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The Invisible Boy by Alyssa Hollingsworth

Nadia Quick loses herself in her Superman comic books as she reads them every day. The one day, a mysterious boy saves her dog from drowning and disappears. Nadia calls him the Invisible Boy. She is determined to crack the real life mystery by finding him and uncovering his identity. This book is both a mystery and an adventure that not only entertains readers but talks about child trafficking on their level.
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