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The Stranger in the Mirror by Liv Constantine

Ages 18+

Addison is about to get married, but she’s nervous because she doesn’t really know who she is. A few years ago she was rescued by a kindly man who found her by the side of the road, but her memory never returned, so she made up a name and an identity.

In Boston, Julian is trying to figure out where his wife Cassandra is and why she would have disappeared two years ago and leave him and their seven-year-old daughter behind.

Constantine’s new novel is psychologically twisty and page-turny!

Thanks to Netgalley for a review copy of this book.


Goodbye 2020, Hello 2021!

I have been MIA for December, sorry about that! It was a busy month, but I did manage to get quite a lot of reading done. I read 24 books, and surpassed my yearly goal of 300 books by completing 315 for 2020.

I am super excited for this year and have been keeping a list of all the books that are being published this year, as well as some backlist books that I’ve been meaning to read that I MUST read this year!

Take a look at the books I read in December, and get ready for posts about the books I’ll read this year! Happy reading!