michelle_1Hello, my name is Michelle. I’m so happy you stopped by my blog! The purpose of this blog is so that I can share resources with you as my readers, who are most likely other bibliophiles and librarians. I hope you can use the information I provide on this website, such as my book blurbs and/or storytime plans. I started this blog in 2014, while I was still in library school, but have since revamped the entire thing by adding more content and giving it a face lift. So, please, take a look around, and enjoy! Feel free to contact me by leaving a comment or clicking on the Contact page.

My Interests/Hobbies:

My Education:
I have a B.A. in Spanish from Iona College and received my Master’s in Library Science from Pratt Institute in 2015.

My Work:
I currently work in a public library. I consider myself a youth services librarian. I say youth services because children’s and teens are part of the same department. I do storytime for toddlers and bilingual storytime for all ages each week. I also work at the children’s and teen reference desks. I work at the adult reference desk as well for a few hours a week so that I can help our adult patrons; especially the ones that speak Spanish.

Why I became a librarian:
There are so many reasons I became a librarian: my  lifelong love of reading, my  love for the written word (in any language!) as well as the fact that I enjoy sharing knowledge and helping people in general.

What I blurb:
Because I read everything (all age levels and multiple genres), I blurb everything. How do I pick what to blurb? I just read what I feel like reading, whether it’s one of the hundreds of books on my TBR (to-be-read) list, something I’m in the mood for, or what’s new and hot in Children’s literature. I don’t currently take requests for reviews because there’s just so much that I’ve been meaning to read lately that it would be way too much for me at the moment, but I will certainly let you know if I ever decide to do so!