Adult Fiction, Historical Fiction

The Duchess by Danielle Steel

Ages 18+

the duchess

Angelique Latham loves her job working as a nanny for a rich family in England. When she is unexpectedly fired and left without a reference letter, she is unable to find other work. Discouraged, she travels to Paris to seek work instead. While she is still unable to be a nanny without references, fate intervenes and she meets a young woman who has just fled a madam who treated her badly. Then Angelique has an idea to open a house of pleasure that protects its women and serve only certain clients.

Adult Fiction, Romance

Tiny Island Summer by Rachelle Paige

Ages 18+

tiny island

Darcy Rogus’s job has been moved to the middle of nowhere, so she had no choice but to relocate. She is determined to accomplish her career goals, but she becomes side tracked when she meets her very attractive next door neighbor. She tries to stay away from him, but this proves hard as she is now living on an island that is populated with less than 300 people. Can she achieve her career goals, get the guy and have it all?