Bilingual, Independent Reading

The Case of the Three Kings by Adilis Vicente

Grades 2-3

case of the three kings

This is book two of The Flaca Files, and Detective Flaca is at it again! This time, Flaca is happy to receive all the tools that she needs for her case as Christmas gifts, but she is not happy that she also received plane tickets to Puerto Rico. She has a case to solve! However, she and her sister head to Puerto Rico anyway, to stay with their grandmother. There, she is faced with another case, the Case of the Three Kings. Three Kings Day is celebrated on January 6th, and involves three men who come around to leave gifts for children. This sounds suspicious to Flaca, so she decides to investigate. This bilingual book is great for young readers!

Bilingual, Independent Reading, Series

The Missing Chancleta and Other Top-Secret Cases by Adilis Vicente

Grades 2-3

missing chancleta

This bilingual book is perfect for young readers! The story follows Flaca, whose chancleta, or flip flop, has gone missing. She is on a mission to find it ASAP! She suspects her family members are involved, and, armed with her notebook and magnifying glass, proceeds to interview each of them and get to the bottom of this. Included are other interwoven stories of her other cases, and readers have the pleasure of reading the book in both English and Spanish!