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I Heart My Little A-Holes by Karen Alpert

Ages 18+book cover

This may be, quite honestly, the funniest book I’ve ever read. This book was written by a mother who has young children and loves them very much. However, she uses this book to complain about her kids and highlight all the stuff that sucks about being a parent. I’m not a parent myself, but I thought this book was hilarious! It’s definitely on the raunchy side, please be warned, but if you don’t mind the f-bomb sprinkled here and there, I totally recommend it! Oh, and by the way, the book was born from a blog called Baby Sideburns so feel free to check it out!

Animals, Humor, Middle Grade Fiction, Mystery, Series

Smells Like Dog by Suzanne Selfors

Grades 4-6

smells like dog

If you’re looking for a great mystery with a little bit of funk, Smells Like Dog is it. Meet Homer Pudding, a farm boy who loves hunting treasure, just like his Uncle Drake. Everything is perfect in Homer’s world until Uncle Drake disappears into thin air, and Homer is left with his prized possession, his dog, Dog. Can Homer continue his uncle’s legacy and find the most coveted pirate treasure in the world? Read Smells Like Dog to find out.

Humor, Middle Grade Fiction

Jacky Ha-Ha by James Patterson and Chris Grabenstein

Grades 3-5Jacky-Ha-Ha-

Jacky is a funny girl who has a stutter and loves to make kids laugh. Because she’s always making jokes during class, she accumulates a lot of detention time. Then Ms. O’Mara makes Jacky an offer. She can join the school play and attend rehearsals instead of sitting in detention every day after school. But can Jacky get her stutter under control to feel confident enough to act in the play? Read Jacky Ha-Ha by James Patterson and Chris Grabenstein to find out.