LGBTQIA, Middle Grade Fiction

Ivy Aberdeen’s Letter to the World by Ashley Herring Blake

Grades 4 – 6

ivy aberdeen.jpg

Twelve-year-old Ivy Aberdeen loves drawing in her notebook, and it is a sort of diary for her. But when a tornado rips through her town and destroys her home, her notebook goes missing. Ivy is very upset that she lost her notebook with all her drawings in it, but more than that she is terrified that someone will find out her deepest secret.

Thanks to School Library Journal for a review copy of this book.


LGBTQIA, Middle Grade Fiction

P.S. I Miss You by Jen Petro-Roy

Grades 4-6

ps i miss you

Consisting of letters to her older sister, P.S. I Miss You is a young girl’s plea for her sister to come home. The entire novel is told through letters that eleven-year-old Evie writes to her older sister Cilla, whose Catholic parents have sent her away to live with her great-aunt after discovering her pregnancy. When Evie realizes she has romantic feelings for her friend June, Evie could really use Cilla’s advice – if only she’d write back. Can Evie navigate the world without her sister at her side?

Thanks to School Library Journal for a review copy of the book.


LGBTQIA, Romance, Series, YA Fiction

Honestly Ben by Bill Koningsberg

Grades 9-12

honestly ben

This is the long awaited sequel to Openly Straight! The book continues the story in Ben’s point of view, and he’s doing great. He is getting stellar grades in school, is the newly-elected captain of the baseball team, and he’s recently won a giant college scholarship. He tries to keep things the way they are, but he’s distracted by Hannah, a pretty girl he has a crush on, the pressure of schoolwork, and his mother, who seems to be unhappy a lot lately. Can Ben keep the momentum up or will it all come crashing down?

LGBTQIA, Romance, Tear Jerkers, YA Fiction

Scars by Cheryl Rainfield

Grades 9-12

Fifteen-year-old Kendra has been seeing a therapist since the ugly memories of being raped at the age of two began to resurface. Try as she may, though, she is unable to remember the most important detail of the abuse: her rapist’s identity. She has the utmost trust in her therapist, but she can’t shake the feeling that someone is following her. To ease her fears, she cuts, but not one person in her life knows about it; not her therapist, her art teacher, or her friend Meghan who she hopes will soon turn into something more. Will Kendra heal before it’s too late?

LGBTQIA, Romance

You Know Me Well by Nina LaCour and David Levithan

Grades 9-12

know me well.jpg

Kate and Mark have been sitting next to each other in class all year, yet have never spoken to each other. Mark is in love with his best friend Ryan, but Ryan might not feel the same way. Kate has been admiring a girl from afar, but hasn’t acted on her feelings. Then Kate and Mark meet up outside of class for the first time, and instantly click. Their friendship is fast and unexpected, but they become more important to each other than the people who supposedly know them best.

LGBTQIA, Memoirs

Raising Ryland: Our Story of Parenting a Transgender Child With No Strings Attached by Hillary Wittington

Ages 16+


In the early years of Ryland’s life, Hillary and Jeff Wittington had to accept the fact that their daughter was deaf and would have to learn sign language in order to communicate with others. Once they got a handle on how to help Ryland acclimate to what would be her daily life, Hillary realized that Ryland wasn’t only different because she was deaf, but also because she was transgender. They knew it wouldn’t be easy because people aren’t always accepting of people who don’t fit “the norm,” but they did know that they would be supportive of their transgender child in the difficult journey.

LGBTQIA, Romance, YA Fiction

We Are the Ants by Shaun David Hutchinson

Grades 9-12

we are the ants.jpg

Henry Denton is going through a lot. His brother is a college dropout whose girlfriend is pregnant, his grandmother is slowly succumbing to Alzheimer’s, his boyfriend committed suicide last year, and his mother is struggling to keep everything together. in addition, Henry was abducted by aliens when he was thirteen and he has to choose whether or not the world is worth saving. He is having trouble making a decision when he meets Diego who makes Henry question who he is becoming. Can Henry save his own life along with everyone else’s?