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Born With Teeth by Kate Mulgrew

Ages 18+

born with teeth

Kate Mulgrew grew up in an Irish Catholic family in a small mid-western town, and always wanted of becoming an actress. However, her family’s unconventional way of life made it hard to pursue her dream. At 18, she left home and headed to New York, where she studied acting with the legendary Stella Adler. Then, at 22, she became pregnant and gave up her daughter for adoption, a hard decision to say the least. Known for playing roles of strong women like “Red” on Orange Is the New Black, Mulgrew writes about her perseverance to gain what she yearned for all her life.

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The Chamberlain Key: Unlocking the God Code to Reveal Hidden Messages Hidden in the Bible by Timothy P. Smith

Ages 18+


The Chamberlain Key is one man’s journey to work through the encrypted messages in the Bible’s Book of Genesis and back it up with scientific evidence. Timothy P. Smith isn’t a theologian, but a dream that he had one night led him on the quest. He also found that there are other encrypted codes in Genesis with messages from God. This book is a compelling ride for all to appreciate.

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