Historical Fiction, Middle Grade Fiction, Series

Abigail Adams: Pirate of the Caribbean by Steve Sheinkin

Grades 3-6

abigail adams

This book is a fresh new way to teach kids about history. Centered around the time period of Abigail Adams, the story follows Abby, a history student whose friends think history is boring. When she hears this, Abigail Adams goes on a mission to change their minds! She escapes the White House and becomes a Caribbean Pirate. Can Abby fix history before it’s too late?

Thanks to School Library Journal for a review copy of this book.

Middle Grade Fiction

Stella Diaz Has Something to Say by Angela Dominguez

Grades 3-6

stella diaz

Stella is a Mexican-American girl who loves animals, and spending time with her mom, brother, and best friend Jenny. Then Stella finds out that Jenny is in another class this year, she doesn’t know what she will do! When she meets the new boy in school, she really wants to be his friend, but sometimes she makes mistakes and speaks Spanish instead of English, which makes her turn red. Based on the author’s own experiences growing up, Stella Diaz Has Something to Say is a heartwarming story about a girl who has to figure out how to navigate the world  without her best friend by her side.

Thanks to School Library Journal for  a review copy of this book.

Middle Grade Fiction

Mustaches for Maddie by Chad Morris & Shelly Brown

Grades 4-6


Twelve-year-old Maddie loves carrying mustaches in her pocket. They’re perfect for making people laugh, which is what she loves to do. All she has to do it take a mustache out and put it on and giggles ensue. Maddie focuses on her mustaches, but not enough to ignore the fact that her arm only feels right when she curls it against her, and she is constantly tripping over her feet. Unable to stop these things from happening to her body, she tells her parents and they take her to the doctor, It is there that she receives shocking news about why this is happening to her limbs: she has a brain tumor and needs surgery to remove it. Maddie is very scared and wonders if the doctors will be able to do what they need to do to get rid of the tumor. It is then that her imagination kicks into high gear and she needs her funny mustaches more than ever.

Thanks to School Library Journal for a review copy of this book.

Adventure, Middle Grade Fiction, Series

Home Sweet Motel by Chris Grabenstein

Grades 3-5

home sweet motel

P.T. Wilkie loves living in a motel! He eats ice cream by the pool all day long, has a snack machine in his living room, and he has a giant alligator as a pet. The only thing the motel doesn’t have, though, is customers. If there aren’t any customers, then it will have to be closed, and P.T. could lose his home for good! Will he be able to save it before everything he loves goes down the tubes?

Adventure, Middle Grade Fiction, Series

This Would Make a Good Story Someday by Dana Alison Levy

Grades 4-6

this would make a good story someday

Sara Johnston-Fischer’s summer plans are cancelled when she finds out that she is going on a cross country train trip with her two sisters, one of their boyfriends and her two moms. It’s not what she had in mind, but it could be fun, right? Read This Would Make a Good Story Someday to find out what Sara’s summer has in store!