Mystery, Series, YA Fiction

Hold Me Like a Breath by Tiffany Schmidt

Grades 9-12

hold me like a breath

The first book in the Once Upon a Crime Family series, this story about organized crime is a must read! Penelope Landlow is the daughter of one of the three crime families who buy and sell body parts and control the black market for organ transplants. She feels safe within the walls of her own home, but she knows that no one in this business is safe forever. She is suddenly caught in between two of the families who are fighting for control over one another, and doesn’t know what to do to stop it.

Fantasy, Mystery, Science Fiction, Series

The Librarians and the Lost Lamp by Greg Cox

Ages 18+


Fans of TNT’s The Librarians will love this new trilogy based on the TV show. This first book takes place in the past and the future. In the past, Flynn Carsen is on a mission to find Aladdin’s lamp before a criminal organization gets a hold of it. In the future, the guardian Eve Baird and a new group of librarians take on Las Vegas and dive into a mystery involving the Lamp and the djinn it can summon.


Mystery, Series

High Heat by Richard Castle

Ages 18+


Nikki Heat is back and better than ever in the latest book in the Heat series. This case gets personal when Heat learns that the next target of a terrorist group in New York City is her own husband, Jameson Rook. Meanwhile, Nikki swears she sees her mother, a woman who has been dead for 20 years, and the cliffhanger at the end of this one will leave readers hungry for more!


Adult Fiction, Horror/Thriller, Mystery, Series

No Time For Goodbye by Linwood Barclay

Ages 18+


In the 1980s, when Cynthia is 14 years old, she wakes up one morning and finds that her family is gone, without a trace. It is now 25 years later, and Cynthia is happily married with a young daughter.  Cynthia is finally ready to learn the truth…or is she? She encounters things like strange phone calls and an unfamiliar car in her neighborhood, and realizes that whoever took her family when she was a teen has come back to finish the job. Will it be too late by the time Cynthia discovers who terrorized her family?

Adult Fiction, Mystery, Series

Devil In a Blue Dress by Walter Mosley

Ages 18+


It’s Los Angeles in the 1940s and black war veteran Easy Rawlins has just been fired from his defense plant job. He is drinking his problems away at his friend’s bar when a white man walks in. The man offers Easy money if he can find Daphne Monet, a woman who is known to hang around jazz clubs. To Easy, it seems simple enough, but is there a catch? Find out in this first book of Mosley’s series featuring Easy Rawlins.

Adult Fiction, Humor, Mystery, Series

Turbo Twenty-Three by Janet Evanovich

Ages 18+


Stephanie Plum works as a bounty hunter for her cousin Vinny’s bond enforcement agency. The latest skip is Larry Virgil, who was arrested for stealing an 18-wheeler full of bourbon. Stephanie and her honorary partner Lula catch Virgil in the act once again, but he gets away, leaving behind a freezer truck complete with Bogart’s ice cream and a dead body, which is frozen solid and topped with chocolate and pecans. Stephanie’s friend and occasional lover Ranger calls on her to go undercover to investigate the Bogart Factory. She takes on the assignment while also juggling her on-again, off-again boyfriend as well as keeping tabs on her pip of a grandma who has a new beau. The twenty-third Stephanie Plum novel is not to be missed!

Adult Fiction, Mystery, Series

9th Judgement by James Patterson

Ages 18+


In the ninth installment of the Women’s Murder Club series, Detective Lindsay Boxer and her partner Rich Conklin work tirelessly together on the latest crimes they’re faced with solving: a young mother and her baby who were gunned down in a shopping mall parking lot and actor Marcus Dowling’s wife who ends up dead after she comes face to face with a burglar who robs her of millions of dollars in jewels. The people of San Francisco are thrown into a panic at the news of these two horrific crimes, but rest assured that Boxer and Conklin can get their jobs done.

ARC Reviews, Mystery, YA Fiction

Beautiful Broken Girls by Kim Savage

Grades 9-12

beautifulFrancesca and Mira Cillo drown themselves in a nearby lake. Their friend Ben finds a note that Mira left which sends him on a quest to find the seven places where they touched. Through his journey, Ben finds a secret that Mira and Francesca kept and realizes that some things are better left unsaid.

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