Hop by Jorey Hurley

Ages 2-5


An adorable book perfect for babies and toddlers, Hop follows a rabbit mother and her three babies throughout their day. There is adventure around every corner, but they have to watch out, because nature has a way of sneaking up on them. Brilliant illustrations accompany the minimal text that little ones are sure to enjoy.


Conejito: A Folktale from Panama by Margaret Read MacDonald

conejitoGrades K-2

This is the retelling of a folktale about a little rabbit on his way to visit his Tía Monica. On his way, he meets different animals who plan to make a meal of him, but he convinces them that he is too skinny, and that he will be much more filling on his way back, after his aunt has fattened him up. The author includes Spanish words to enhance the story, and the traditional song Tía Monica is repeated throughout the story.