Romance, Series, YA Fiction

Diving In by Kate Cann

Grades 9-12

diving inThe first in the Art and Coll quartet, Kate Cann follows 17-year-old Colette as she searches for summer love and finds it in a boy named Arthur, or ‘Art’ for short. He’s handsome and rich, and she’s quickly interested. Too interested, in fact. She quickly gets attached to him and wonders why he’s not answering her calls. Did she dive in too fast?

Mystery, Romance, Series, YA Fiction

Uncovering Officer Smith by Sheena Hutchinson

Grades 9-12

officer smith

John Smith has had his heart broken by a leggy blonde and has sworn off women because of it. Enter Becca Swanson, a nerdy conservative girl whose life plan is to study law and take on the world. Their two paths cross and suddenly John isn’t so sure he should stay away from women any longer. This sequel to Discovering April is mysterious and romantic and completely satisfying.

Adventure, Middle Grade Fiction, Series

Home Sweet Motel by Chris Grabenstein

Grades 3-5

home sweet motel

P.T. Wilkie loves living in a motel! He eats ice cream by the pool all day long, has a snack machine in his living room, and he has a giant alligator as a pet. The only thing the motel doesn’t have, though, is customers. If there aren’t any customers, then it will have to be closed, and P.T. could lose his home for good! Will he be able to save it before everything he loves goes down the tubes?