Review Policy

If I agree to review your book, I will make every effort to have it read and reviewed in a timely manner. However, please understand that I usually have other books I am committed to reviewing as well and I am not a full-time paid blogger. If you have a time frame for when the review must be posted, please let me know in advance (before I agree to review your book) and I will make sure I can commit to that timeline before making my decision. If the book is an advanced reading copy, I will try and publish my review on or before the release date whenever possible.

I am currently accepting review copies of books from the following genres:

  • Romance
  • Mystery
  • Biography
  • Memoir
  • Humor
  • Contemporary
  • Psychological Thriller
  • Crime

I generally don’t care for books in the following genres:

  • Manga
  • Fantasy
  • Politics
  • Science Fiction
  • Self-Help
  • Sports

Please Note: 

  • I will read middle grade, YA and adult books in approved genres
  • I won’t review books in the middle of a series
  • I am only accepting Kindle ebooks and physical books at this time, no audiobooks
  • I will accept both traditionally published books and self-published books, but I will only agree to review a book if I am genuinely interested in it
  • I reserve the right to turn down a book for any reason

If you are interested in sending me a book in exchange for an honest review, please contact me @