Romance, YA Fiction

Love & Gelato by Jenna Evans Welch

Grades 9-12

love and gelato.jpg

Lina’s mother’s dying wish is for her daughter to spend the summer in Tuscany so that she can get to know her father. The man that’s been absent from her life for 16 years. Even though it’s Italy, it’s the last place Lina wants to be right now. She doesn’t know anyone, doesn’t care to meet her father, and least of all, doesn’t care to live in the house in the cemetery that her father runs.

Then Lina receives her mother’s journal, where she reads all about her time in Italy as a photography student. It’s also where she became pregnant with Lina. The journal reveals a lot of things about Lina’s mother’s life, but it also leaves a huge question unanswered. Will Lina be able to find the answer while navigating her own love life?

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